In Kerala, a new wave of leaving out caste and religion column for academic forms has surged to avoid the idea of caste and religious differences. This year, over 1.24 lakh students of Class I to XII from various government and govt-aided schools across have left out the religion or caste column blank while filling their school admission forms.

While the country is polarising over caste, religion and political parties are using religion planks and people are killing each other in the name of caste – the new generation in Kerala is trying to root out this issue. A total of 124,147 students ranging from Class I to XII, left the caste and religion column blank while taking admissions in government or government-aided schools for academic year 2017-18. The young generation, not willing to disclose their religions or caste while being admitted in schools across Kerala shows secular credentials of the society, in true sense.

When asked about how all these students were allowed to take admissions in school without specifying their religion, public instruction K V Mohankumar said, “Based on court orders, it is no longer mandatory for students to mention their caste or religion. As a result, schools cannot compel anyone to mention their caste now. Hence these students may have chosen not to mention it.” While it’s not really surprising, considering that Kerala is a very progressive state, the minister’s response will go a long way in helping parents decide on bringing up their children in a truly non-religious manner.

Education minister of Kerala, C Raveendranath said that number of students who left the column related to caste and religion blank this year was a record high previous year. Raveendranath also disclosed that these students belong to 9,209 government and aided schools which consists around 2% of total school in Kerala. The rise in numbers and the rising trend show the progressive mindset, efficiently trying to abolish the religious differences that is widely overpowering humanism in the society that we live in. If taken positively, which it should be, it is sets an inspirational example for the country, and with world to move over religious differences.