The globally loved beloved messaging app – Whatsapp has a proof of being a ‘very loved’ smartphone applications as it has just crossed the mark of 1 billion active users across the globe, daily. I wonder what are all the remaining 6.5 billion people doing?

Whatsapp is possibly one of the most popular messaging application which is accepted, used and loved all around the world. The application lets you enjoy sending unlimited number of text messages, documents, images, gif, audio and video files – anytime and anywhere unless you have a smartphone and internet connection. The application also lets us make free internet based voice and video calls and the it has basically squeezed down the entire world into each smartphone. There would hardly be anyone who would have never heard of this application or probably they must be living under a rock, or in a cave, or underwater or on the Himalayas.

Last year, Whatsapp had 1 billion active users each month and within just a year the application boasts 1 billion active users, each day and 1.3 billion users monthly. Which means 76% of its monthly users come back to the app daily – that is huge. Whatsapp also says that users are sending over 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion images and 1 billion video files each day i.e. an average of 55 texts, 4 images and 1 video per person every single day. The Facebook-owned mobile application still lags behind its parent social media platform – Facebook itself which has over 2 billion active users monthly (including all the fake IDs). And Facebook is completely banned in China which cuts down its users directly by 1.4 billion, where can it reach if unblocked from China!

The messaging application still has a huge, huge market to cover as the total world population is over 7.5 billion (to be precise – 7,521,235,854 right when I typed) currently, and continuously increasing. This shows that the social media giant still has 6.2 billion people (minus the infants, of course) to appeal, lure and attract towards itself.