The metabolic rate of each and every person is different. A person taking enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and doing regular exercises usually has a high metabolic rate. However, low metabolic rate can be met with by taking several foods that boost body metabolism.

Loosing body weight depends to a large extent on the metabolic rate of a person. A person with high metabolic rate will lose weight quickly even if he eats a lot of food and does not exercise where as a person with low metabolic rate will be unable to lose weight even if he eats less and does a lot of work out to lose weight. So, here is a list of 10 foods that will boost your body metabolism and help your live a fitter, finer and healthier life.


Blueberries do not contain any fat, cholesterol or sodium due to which they serve as a nutritious food for your body while boosting your body metabolism.


Broccoli has high amounts of calcium and vitamin C. Calcium activates your body metabolism while vitamin C enables absorbing more of calcium. In this way, these two nutrients help in burning more of your body calories.


According to a research chilli contains a chemical which boosts your body’s ability to burn more fat and curb your appetite. This characteristic feature of chilli in turn helps to boost your body metabolism.


Celery is considered to be a thermogenic food rich in calcium due to which it is an excellent metabolism booster.


Eating oatmeal as a part of your daily breakfast can boost your body metabolism a lot. Not just that, this super food rich in fat soluble fibre will also help in reducing the cholesterol levels of your body and reduce the risk of a heart disease.


Spinach has high amount of Vitamin B which naturally helps not only in boosting body metabolism but muscle building and burning up of more calories.


As almonds are rich in calories, eating too much of almonds is not recommended. However, taking them in small quantities is certainly advisable as they contain fatty acids which help to raise your body metabolism.


Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D. Eating mushrooms after getting sufficient sunlight can aid in increasing your body metabolism.

Green tea

The ingredients like caffeine and catechins present in tea can enhance the metabolic rate of your body. Green tea is specially suited for this purpose as it also increases your fat-burning ability.

Citrus fruits

Eating citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lemons will help in reducing your body fat and increasing your body metabolism.