India has no dearth of beautiful travel destinations but when it comes to travel planning, we generally end up selecting the ‘popular’ places. But the perfect way to rediscover yourselves is to take a vacation to explore the unexplored and the underrated places in the country of ample natural serenity. Here are some really off-beat places in India which are still undiscovered.

Auli, Uttarakhand

Snowy vacation. Thinking about Switzerland, Europe, Canada? Come back to the country! Now thinking about Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim? Well of course these places are snow spangled but do you know that Uttarakhand actually boasts one of the most exciting ski destinations? The quaint snowy place located in the cradle of snow-capped mountains and is one of the very few places in India where ski is the major pastime. he bitter cold winds, the vast snow-covered landscape, the sylvan mountains, all add up to make Auli a skier’s paradise and with fierce display of strength of nature, Auli proves to be an ideal location for the daring.

Image Source: Shantanu Rastogi

Majuli, Assam

Majuli is all about water, water everywhere! It is one of the largest freshwater river island in Asia residing in the heart of mighty River Brahmaputra. The island is 20 km away from city of Jorhat and then Majuli can be accessed by a ferry ride! See, even the way to Majuli is majestic. Although this island has already reduced significantly in size and geographical changes are reducing its size further. It’s best to visit this island soon.

Image Source: Lonely Planet

Lepchajagat, West Bengal

Lepchajagat in West Bengal is one of the untouched beauties that very few people know about. The enchanting views of lush green woods and mystically misty environment of the hill stations make it a perfect place to escape from the tedious humanitarian urban culture. Lepchajagat is a small village located in the wilderness only 12 km away from Darjeeling. Despite being so close to the ‘tourist-hub’ Darjeeling, this mini yet majestic place has a world of its own and is all about serenity and extreme tranquillity.

Image Source: Adam Crowley

Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti is a delight for travellers who like pinnacle places like Ladakh but hold back because of the crowd. Spiti is an unsung hill station with opportunities for adventure sports, it fills visitors with awe at its majestic grandeur and is one of the off-beat trekking destinations. Spiti will prove to be ideal for adventure lovers and soul seekers without the crowds.

Image Source: Arjun Menon

Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep

The sandy beaches and the lagoon ocean water blanketed under azure sunny sky and surrounded with coastal coconut trees enclosed by coral reef, perfect destination or what? Here the sun, sand and surf will cast a sell on you that you’ll never forget. The island is pretty much ignored and craves for tourists looking for people-free places to indulge into.

Image Source: The tales of a Traveller

Hemis, Jammu and Kashmir

Love exotic wildlife? Hemis, the very less popular yet the very home of snow leopard will be a perfect destination. The little-talked-about town of Kashmir is surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges and with a vibe of absolute peace, it will be a rejuvenating treat for anyone. Look up for the snow leopard while visiting Hemis Gompa or the Hemis National Park and keep your camera ready.

Image Source: Amritash

(Snow Leopard) Image Source: Sarah Marshall

Lonar, Maharashtra

Lonar has a pre-historic story to tell surrounded by natural simplicity and calmness. The dainty little town of Lonar is huddled around the lake which was formed because of a meteorite that hit the place around 52,000 years ago. The celestial mysterious history of Lonar makes it super special and to add to it, it is the only salt water lake formed in basaltic rock in the whole world. This attracts a lot of researchers from across the world too. And the place is simply mesmerizing and October to March is the best time to visit this offbeat beauty.

Image Source: Lovell D’Souza Photography

Bheemeshwari, Karnataka

This place is just like the hidden city of El Dorado, just that Bheemeshwari doesn’t have any hidden treasure, or does it? Bheemeshwari is actually a jungle lodge which is just two hours away from Bengaluru. This idyllic spot has the river Kaveri on one side and the jungle on the other and is also known as Kabini. Boat rides down the Kaveri, mild adventure sports like zip-lining, a jungle safari usually just with deer or fox sightings or just lazing around by the river.

Image Source: Representative Image

The place has no mobile phone service so you will literally cut off from the lousy busy world and be one with nature in the jungle lodge. The place has tree houses and even large hammocks which need more than 4 trees to hold up and the hidden place is really a nature treat.

Patan, Gujarat

One of the newest addtitions to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, Patan has sprung to popularity in traveller circuits because of its Rani ka Vav which is like the picture of the past. Surrounded by huge walls and a very old world charm, this former capital of medieval Gujarat will make for a lovely offbeat holiday place to travel to. Patan is also famous for its signature ‘Patola’ which is a handcrafted sari and is a very rare art.

Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

Snow-capped hillswild flowers, walking among the clouds, surrounded by mountains and in an utterly beautiful valley, can there be a better holiday? I think not! Enjoy the feel of being in one of the most relaxed and beautiful, yet unexplored tourist places of India. It is said that for one week in July, the hills look splashed with three different colours, owing to the spread of flowers on the valley and July to September is the best time to visit the mesmerising Valley of Flowers.

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Those are few of the many, many really many travel destinations in the ‘unexplored’ India and even abroad. Stay tuned on for off-beat travel destinations every Sunday!