Pure fruit juices been a matter of debate since long now – whether or not they raise blood sugar levels? A latest study published in Journal of Nutrition Science confirms that 100% fruit juices don’t raise blood sugar levels and hence are safe for diabetics to consume – in moderation.

There are some questions that are so very confusing and debatable, like the question whether diabetic patients should consume fruit juices or not. Some experts dismissed the idea of consuming fruit juices altogether, especially for diabetics a sit may result in sugar spikes, while some suggested that fructose in fruits didn’t really raise blood sugar levels. However, all these doubts have been debunked by a research study published in the Journal of Nutrition Science. As per the study, a comprehensive data analysis was conducted quantitatively to find the relationship between drinking 100% juice and blood glucose control.

The study used fasting blood glucose and fasting blood insulin levels as biomarkers for diabetes risk and then a systematic data review and analysis was made on 10 randomised controlled trials to find out the impact made by 100% fruit juice like apple, berries, oranges, grapes and pomegranate. The results indicated that 100% fruit juice is not associated with increasing sugar level for Type-2 diabetes and that it supported a growing body of evidence that it has no significant effect on glycaemic control.

About 120 ml of 100 percent fruit juice, with no sugar, flavours or anything added counts as one serving whole fruit and complement whole fruit to help individuals add more produce to their diets. Diabetes can be prevented and treated by following a regularly healthy lifestyle which includes eating right food, exercising regularly and staying in a healthy weight. And a healthy diet is always a balanced diet that is filled with fresh organic fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, lean meat and dairy products. The key is adopting healthy lifestyle, and yes, you can drink a glass of juice – just make sure it is 100% pure.