Internet has become the most eminent platform to spread information, news and challenges across the globe in no time, and the recent viral trend of #10YearChallenge has taken the world by storm as political leaders, celebrities, war victims and activist from all around the world are taking this challenge on social media.

After the ice bucket challenge and the kiki challenge, the social media has now trended-up with a new, and rather sensible challenge called the  #10YearChallenge. All you need to do to be the part of this outrage is to pick a picture of yourself that dates back to 2009, and merge it with a latest one that was taking in this year i.e. 2019. The core idea of this challenge is to showcase what has changed over a decade, and this challenge has gained so much popularity that virtually no one has resisted from this challenge – be it Bollywood, Hollywood, be it politicians or anti-political activists, everyone has given it a go.

With zillions of pictures and memes being shared with the #10YearChallenge, it has become one of the most popular current trends on the internet. Some have taking the challenge to another level by posting a 20 year old picture too, but the entire trend took a turn when some activists stood up and used the challenge to underline the political, economic and even environmental dimensions that changed over 10 years. A picture of polar ice in 2009 and and a picture of the same place clicked in 2019, to bring global warming to everyone’s attention. International political leaders from Iran, Palestine, Israel and the US made their own remarking posts about the war, the diplomatic indifference and territorial change that happened in a decade.


Some posted pictures of several Arab capitals from Libya, Syria, Yemen and Iraq 10 years ago before wars destroyed the cities. Even the International Committee of the Red Cross joined in by posting pictures of a Syrian child from Aleppo, and 10 years apart, he was posing as a teenager, with his right hand amputated – painting the picture of what war does to our society, and how it challenges us. The memes on climate change were also fairly popular and SDG Academy initiated by the UN posted two pictures of the Rhone glacier in the Swiss Alps from 2008 and 2018, showcasing the real challenge that climate change is.


Amid the gaining popularity of the challenge, some tech writer claimed that it could be a ploy to gather data for facial recognition algorithm for platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, Facebook promptly defied the the claim with an explanation that the “10-year challenge is a user-generated meme that started on its own, without our involvement. It’s evidence of the fun people have on Facebook, and that’s it”.