At the very early stage of life, the 14-year-old Indian boy – Tanmay Bakshi has achieved an extraordinaire status for developing multiple apps, publishing a book, hosted TEDx Talk and lot more – and recently, Bakshi participated in multiple IBM summit to speak about artificial intelligence aka AI.

At the mere age of 14, Tanmay Bakshi’s knowledge and achievements are exponential – for he has been developing codes and web development tutorial. At age 7, he delivered coding and web development tutorials to world on his YouTube channel. At age 8, he polished his skills to develop iOS apps and by age 9, the AppStore accepted his app, teaching multiplications. At one point he came across IBM service called Document Conversion, allowing to convert documents from one format to another. He soon discovered a bug in software and immediately published it on his Twitter account and on a programming website.

That was the turning point for Bakshi, when two of those initial contacts who, after taking note of his postings, contacted him and then eventually became his mentors for assisting him in collaborating with IBM. After this opportunities for him started getting flooded and though he is not an official worker at IBM, he continues to partner with them in many projects. Tanmay has spoken at IBM Watson summits around the world including Finland, New Zealand, Denmark and Australia. He was praised with Knowledge Ambassador Award from the King of Dubai’s Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation after speaking at the 2017 Knowledge Summit in Dubai.