Bilal Dar, the 18-year-old ragpicker was honoured by PM Modi during 36th edition of ‘Mann ki Baat’, because the kid single-handedly picked 12,000 kilogram of trash from Walur lake of Kashmir – a single hand that made a huge difference.

You know how we set ourselves back from doing something just because we think what difference can one single person’s efforts make? Perhaps that is the reason of why we are still what we are; but gladly, not all of us think the same way – there are these people who do their extra bits to make a difference. And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, sometimes we just have to do it – just like Bilal Dar did. Living in the Bandipur district of North Kashmir, Bilal is a teen who earns his and his family’s living by picking waste after his father died in 2003.

Image Source: PTI

Determined to clear pollution, Bilal took the cleaning of Walur lake upon himself and he has collected 12,000 kg plastic waste and trash from the lake, annually – all by himself. The boy cleared one of the Asia’s biggest lakes from plastic, polythene, used bottles and every bit of waste and for this he earned just Rs150-200 each day. And as they say, if you do something without expectations, you’ll receive all the appreciation you deserve. On Sunday, PM Modi praised Bilal’s efforts in cleaning the Walur lake of Kashmir and urged everyone to take Bilal’s act as an inspiration – moving towards Swachh Bharat.

Dr Shafkat Khan, the Commissioner of Srinagar Municipality also announced that Bilal has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Srinagar Municipal Corporation. So now, he will be given a special uniform and a vehicle, so that he can spread the awareness about importance and sensitivity of cleaning. Inspired to do our little bit, now? We must be.