With a grand total of 189 women candidates fraying for electoral seats in upcoming Rajasthan assembly election, the women have just broken a decade old record of highest number of female candidates in the state’s elections.

The BJP and Congress gave out electoral tickets to 50 female candidates each, and adding up the female candidates from all other parties, the total makes it up to 189. This is the highest number of female candidates in Rajasthan assembly election in last 10 years and all these women will be contesting in the upcoming elections.  Previously, only 69 women were given tickets in 1998 election, 118 in 2003, 154 in 2008 and 166 in 2013; and this year’s women fray is breaking decade old record.

As compared to only four women contesting for Rajasthan’s first assembly election in 1952, the current rates have boosted up by about 50 times. Yet, the ratio of male vs. female candidates in the “male dominancy” state of Rajasthan is still very low as a total of 2,873 candidates will run for the election after 579 candidates withdrew their nominations since announcement of polls.

Strong female candidates of BJP includes sitting MLAs like Anita Bhadel, Kiran Maheshwari, Anita Singh, Sushil Kanwar, Manju Baghmar, Kamsa, Suryakanta Vyas and chief minister Vasundhara Raje, among others. While in the fray from Congress are sitting MLAs including MLA Shakuntala Rawat, former Union minister Girija Vyas, discus thrower and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Krishna Poonia as well as former MLA Zahida Khan, who will contest on December 7th.