United Nation’s climate conference 2017 at Bonn has concluded with a pledge from 200 countries who are willing to get back on track towards Paris Climate Agreement and take measures to limit emissions to meet the goals by 2030, despite US pull out – because time is running out.

While Trump may have pulled the United States out of Paris Climate Accord, all other countries – including Syria, have decided to support it and do whatever they can. Today, at Bonn, over 200 countries pledged to launch a process next year and start reviewing existing plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions. During the climate conference, one point was clear that negotiations to bolster the climate-saving Paris agreement were deflated, but not derailed because of Trump’s decision to yank the US from the hard-fought global pact.

So at Bonn, the UN climate talks finally concluded and all participating countries have agreed to siege the climate stock from next year, i.e. 2018 and put national efforts to cut fossil fuel usage and hence reduce emissions. Apart from that, Germany pledged to provide an additional climate risk insurance worth $125 million to help the more vulnerable and poorer countries by 2020. This amount will be given by Germany in addition to the climate adaption fund worth 50 million euros that the country pays.

The negotiations that went on for two-weeks proved to be decisive in taking a number of points which aimed in bringing the 2015 Paris agreement to life. The countries will now make meaningful progress to keep global warming within 1.5 degree Celsius by cutting out greenhouse gases. So starting from now, emissions need to decrease to zero over the next 40 years to prevent us breaching the 1.5°C threshold. And since time is running out for us, it is necessary for us, the humanity, to take measures to save the only home planet from self-induced apocalyptic climate change – with or without the States – because we got no planet B.