Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said that three Indian girls as well as 7 Nepalese girls were rescued by the government from Kenya on Thursday, after they were held in Mombasa by a crime syndicate organisation.

A Kenyan crime syndicate group involved in trafficking of girls had captured 10 girls in Mombasa of Kenya, including three Indian girls and seven Nepalese girls. The mobile phones and passports of these girls were taken away and they were held as captives in Mombasa. With efforts from the local administration, government and police, all 10 girls were rescued by the government on Thursday and the girls have already been flown back home, safely. The announcement was made by Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday as she tweeted, “We have rescued three Indian girls from Kenya…their passports and phones were taken and they were held captive in Mombasa.”


The crime syndicate group is involved in trafficking of girls and has been reported to Kenyan government. The reports of the trafficking reports have also been submitted to Punjab government by the Foreign Ministry, which could be the source of the racket. As per the statements by Punjab administrations, a case has been registered against all agents and people involved in the trafficking racket.

The entire rescue operation turned out to be a success with efforts of the Indian High Commissioner in Kenya Suchitra Durai, First Secretary Karan Yadav and the local police. So Sushma Swaraj didn’t miss thanking those who put their efforts and helped in rescuing the girls from Mombasa by tweeting, “I appreciate the efforts of Ms. Suchitra Durai, Indian High Commissioner in Kenya. Our First Secretary Karan Yadav deserves a special mention. We thank the Kenyan Police for their help.”