Feeling wrinkled? Just spare 30-minutes for facial yoga every day to look as many as three years younger than what you actually are. To be clear, this is no hoax; in fact, it is experimentally proven. Fascinating much, right?

Who doesn’t want to look younger? Perhaps that doesn’t even make a legitimate question because of the obviousness of its answer. And the so-called beauty industry binges on this humanly nature, but here’s a secret – you don’t need to buy those expensive creams and serums anymore. All you need is 30-dedicated-minutes, when you would perform facial yoga. Yes, this might be a less popular form of yoga, but it does exist. Facial yoga basically art of facial “workouts” are designed to increase muscle size, leading to a fuller and firmer appearance – and that is what makes anyone look much younger.

These exercises are practically worlds easier than those anti-aging treatments, daily skin care routines which might as well contain toxic or harmful chemicals. Those botox injections are as ugly as they sound – injections on sensitive areas of face. Moves of facial yoga are quite fun too, because they include all the puckering and making faces and squeezing cheeks daily – so canny! The specially designed moves target teeny-tiny muscles all over the face and strengthen them and tone them – making the face look fuller, not fatty.

The tiny muscles are all collectively supportive to the movement of cheeks and the stronger they are, the better they look. The exercise also enlarges the facial muscles so the face becomes firmer and more toned and shaped like a younger face – don’t worry, your face won’t turn muscled up like biceps of Mr Schwarzenegger. In fact, those chubby fat pads between the muscle and the skin are responsible for providing firmness to the cheeks and keeping a toned shape of the face. But with age, these fat pads get thinner and face looks all wrinkled up and saggy – the key is to replace these fat pads with muscles.