While digging into the deserted land of Egypt’s Cairo region, archaeologists ended up discovering a landmark – which was new discovery of an old, real old pyramid in Cairo which was built around 3700 years ago and belongs to the 13th Pharaonic Dynasty.

Remains of a 3700-years old pyramid was found in Egypt’s capital Cairo near the well-known ‘bent pyramid’ of King Snefru as per the announcements of antiquities ministry of Egypt. The pyramid from the 13th dynasty was found by an excavation team in Dahshur’s royal necropolis, some 30 kilometres south of Cairo.The pyramid  is believed to be one of the ancient Egypt’s earliest attempts to build smooth-sided pyramids and belongs to the 13th Pharaonic Dynasty.

The head of Dahshur necropolis, Adel Okasha said that newly discovered remains could belong to the inside of the Bent Pyramid and will have a unique role in providing insight in to the design of the structure’s interior. Also, a room was found on the western side of the site and a corridor leading to the inside of the pyramid and a hall leading to a southern ramp. The excavation is still in early stages and it is still the size of the pyramid is unknown. But this seems to be one of those good old grand-royal-style pyramids that will lead us to new depths of history.

All the parts of pyramid including a corridor and an alabaster tablet engraved with 10 vertical hieroglyphic lines are in good condition. “In good condition” even after 3700 years, this is what real architectural skills and quality means and we modern men should really learn this because despite of strength measures, can we imagine the sustainance of any of the modern buildings even after 3700 years? Egypt is a home to the world’s earliest civilisation and boasts ‘discovered’ 123 ancient pyramids and we don’t know how many are still buried in the depths of history.