Got some extra Bitcoins burning a hole in your e-pocket? Well, first – you’re rich! And second, you can actually buy the citizenship of literally-paradise island nation Vanuatu, which is also one of the happiest countries to live in! How cool is that!

Have you ever dreamt about having multiple passports like James Bond or Jason Bourne or Jolie in Salt, did? That too, legally? There’s this tiny island nation in the South Pacific called Vanuatu which can get your daydream covered up! The country has just announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin currency as payments of Vanuatu citizenship; and with this, Vanuatu has become the first country to accept citizenship payment in cryptocurrency. Tempting isn’t it? But you need to have a huge burning hole in your electronic wallet, keep on reading.

First things first, let’s get to knowing Vanuatu – it is an archipelago of some 80 islands in the South Pacific and as per an UK-based survey, it is the 4th happiest countries in the whole world. Australia’s little neighbour island, which is already a tourism paradise, has decided to take it to yet another level – rather nerdy one though by letting people get citizenship by paying Bitcoins. So fork over 44 Bitcoins which are equivalent to about US$280,000 (INR 1,81,30,140) and your family can receive up to four passports from Vanuatu!

It is not just the Vanuatu islands, but with Vanuatu passport, one can visit 113 countries without visa, including –  UK, Russia and EU members; because it is 34th most ‘powerful’ passports. And, and the country has no income tax, no inheritance tax or no corporate tax – it’s not even customary to give tips there! As per an online real estate website, you can get about 84 acres of land including three sandy beaches, a handful of sleeping bungalows, and an open-plan kitchen – all this mostly covered with coconut, fruit, and nut trees; for about $645,000. Lavish, people’s wish! Just make sure to get your property a bit safe from the volcano zones. Yeah, tropical life too, comes with glitches. Yet, it is an amazing country to become citizen of and to escape to, if you have all the money.