New Delhi: The Army, Navy and Indian Air Force staff are good to go to get upgraded pay according to the suggestions of the seventh Pay Commission from the present month.

The government had a week ago upgraded their pay bundle after the Union cabinet acknowledged certain requests of the three administrations including re-establishing a prior arrangement of dispensing disability pension.

The three administrations issued general guidelines independently to dispense the amended pay and additionally the arrears in May’s salary.

The updated pay will be given with impact from January 2016, as prescribed by the seventh Pay Commission. The panel’s proposals were not executed for the three administrations after they raised the issue of specific anomalies.

Paying attention to their other significant request, the government a week ago chosen to proceed with a prior arrangement of dispensing inability pension and not embrace another administration as prescribed by the seventh pay commission.

The armed forces have been squeezing for returning to the rate based administration for ascertaining incapacity pension and were emphatically restricted to the chunk based framework brought about by the pay panel.

Some other claimed “anomalies” raised by the armed forces, including the issue of Non-Functional Upgrade (NFU), are yet to be tended to.

There has been an interest for NFU in the armed forces.

Under the NFU conspire, officers in central group A classification get programmed time-bound pay advancements. Pay climb under NFU plan is autonomous of hierarchical necessities and opportunity.