In a major development, the Gujarat state government has announced 7th pay commission benefits which will be extended to 8.77 lakh government employees and pensioners in the state of Gujarat.

The newly elected Vijay Rupani-led government in the state of Gujarat has some big news that will certainly bring cheer among the government employees working in the state. In latest development, the Gujarat government has announced to implement the benefits of 7th Pay Commission recommendations, which will reach and benefit a total of 8.77 lakh people across the state. Among them will be 4.65 lakh Gujarat state government employees and as many as 4.12 lakh pensioners who will be benefited with the incentives of Central government’s 7th Pay Commission incentives.

The decision was announced by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik who had directed the concerned department for revision of salary of state PSUs, as per recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. While making the announcement today, Gujarat deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Nitin Patel said that the government will spend a total of Rs 3279 Crore in order to implement the arrears. Patel assured that the 7th Pay Commission arrears will be distributed from March in three monthly instalments. Current employees will receive the arrears for next 7 months and pensioners will receive the benefits for 9 months.

The state had earlier announced the salaries for government employees in 2017 but no decision was taken for PSU employees. Gujarat government’s move comes right after Odisha government had already announced that it will implement the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission for PSU employees during Holi. However, the central government has dismissed reports that indicated that the minimum pay will be raised from Rs 26,000 from Rs 18,000 under the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission.