There are people who like stars, there are fans, there are crazy fans but this is an indescribable level! A bag of air from the concert of British singer and songwriter – Adele’s concert Adelaide is up for bids on eBay and people are bidding on it, for real! It really is a crazy, super crazy world.

Couldn’t snap Adelaide tickets? Missed the show? Worry not, you can settle of a bag of air from the concert and feel the vibe!

Entrepreneurs are born with their quality of entrepreneurship, it is a talent because give them anything and they will sell it. Such skills require creativity as well as capability to understand how people think. One such entrepreneurial fan of the famous British star – Adele took it to the whole new level. Shaun McDonough put up a plastic zip-lock bag filled with air on eBay and claims it to be air from Adele’s recent concert.

Shaun posted the plastic bag on eBay on 24th March with a label ‘Legit bag of air’. He says that the bag is full of air from the concert. “Grab a piece of history for your Adele collection,” the entrepreneurial genius wrote. “A true fan must have this air. Bid now for a bargain; please note I am selling a Coles sandwich bag which contains the air.” Shaun also added a picture from the concert to show how close he was to Adele in the concert and had captured the same air.

Also the bag is tagged as “like new” and Shaun has a 100% positive feedback on eBay so he seems like a trustworthy guy. The starting bid was $14.95; and to our amazement, the post received 48 bids and the highest bid was worth $2000 on Thursday! But unfortunately the post was removed by eBay due to a violation of the site’s “No Item” policy, according to Mashable. The e-commerce site does not allow the selling of items that are “intangible.”

World is a weird and bizarre place and people do such crazy things! Shaun can be said to be a true entrepreneur and has deep skills of being able to sell a bag full of air!