The Chinese official living in India, i.e. the Chinese consul has recently said that China is going to introduce a high-speed bullet train having its route from Kunming to Kolkata, connecting two nations with a train.

According to Mr. Ma Zhanwu, the Chinese consul, if India and China team up together, then a railway could be established between Kolkata and Kunming with a train passing over Myanmar and Bangladesh.  As Mr. Zhanwu said,  “We are looking forward to bullet trains from Kolkata to Kunming. The whole Asia will be connected.” He made this announcement while attending a conference on connectivity and trade relations between China and India. He also said that the time duration of traveling will be reduced via roadway if this train is introduced, and it will be a matter of hours.

“If the project becomes a reality, it will take only two hours to complete 2,000-km journey, compared with flights that take almost two hours and 30 minutes,” said Zhanwu at the same conference. It is a hot topic of discussion in the international news. The main aim and objective of this railway would definitely be faster transport but it will also benefit the trade among the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) corridor besides making the journey from India to China as short as just two hours.

The thrust in the trade along this route is expected to be very high due to easy availablity of transportation services. Zhanwu also said that the idea of this project was conceived in 2015 during the Greater Mekong Subregion held in Kunming. The consul also asserted that the Chinese policies and other such initiatives are taken up only to improve the relationships between China and neighboring countries and not to conquer them. The chinese official said that similarly this initiative is taken to minimise the time taken for India China travel and increase the trade along the belt.