A young Homeopathic physician, Dr Biswashree Nayak is treating kids and poor people suffering from thalassemia without any charges. While most of us are passionate about our work, there are only a few who actually infuse courage and humanity with their work. This young doctor from Odisha is one of those very few people who have dedicated their lives towards welfare of the society.

Like any other physician, Dr Biswashree started a private practice in Bhubaneshwar which is when he encountered few children suffering from thalassemia who were unable to get proper medication and treatment. That is when he

decided to provide free treatment and medicines to such kids and he is unstoppable ever since. Dr Nayak said, “After I started my private practice in Bhubaneswar, I witnessed the plight of children suffering from thalassemia. This triggered something in me emotionally, like a calling to my inner self. I could not contain my empathy for the parents of these kids. I started providing free medical consultation and supply of homeopathic drugs to the kids suffering from thalassemia.”

Dr Nayak has also co-found a trust called ‘Salaam Jeevan’ which provides free treatment to people living in slums of Bhubaneshwar and also provides support to the victims of tobacco. And that is not it about what this angelic doctor does for society; under the project Umeed, they are helping about 60 patients with free medication and blood transfusion and 3-4 patients are adding up each month.

Thalassemia is almost incurable and the patients need to undergo blood transfusions in regular intervals which gets increasingly hectic for the patients as well as their parents. Thus, project Umeed is a ray of hope for the poor parents of thalassemia patients. The treatment provided to the children increases the gap of blood transfusion and also aids in declining the associated complaints like irritation, bloated abdomen, anaemic with pale colour of body, swelling, loss of appetite, general weakness and dizziness.

The doctor is also campaigning in colleges and universities for awareness regarding the prevention of deadly disease. It’s like treating the existing problem and also trying to prevent it from happening from the grass-root level. Such unsung real life heroes deserve a salute for their efforts towards social welfare without any expectations.