We all love diamonds and precious stones, right? Well how big was the biggest diamond you’ve seen? A couple of centimetres? Inches? Yeah well that’s all dire when compared to this mammoth Emerald found by Brazilian miners and weights an outrageous 360 kilograms, no kidding!

In the land of hidden gold and diamonds which is better known as Brazil, diamond and gold mining is pretty mainstream. But what is definitely not mainstream, is the humongous Emerald found in the Carnaiba mine in Pindobacu district which is located in the north-eastern state of Bahia, Brazil. While the miners of Bahia Mineral Cooperative were doing their regular jobs, they found the huge 4.3 feet tall, 360 kg in weighing green precious stone – Emerald which was entombed in the womb of Earth at 656 feet below the surface depth! And it’s shape is pretty ‘funny’.

Found in April, the enormously huge precious stone has already been sold to an individual who refused to reveal identity and the amount paid to buy the stone, for security purposes. The buyer’s lawyer, Marcio Jandir said that his client wanted to exhibit the giant emerald in museums and libraries. And by the way, this emerald is no good to make jewellery (so stop imagining what not could be made out of this) and it is more of the diamond which will interest the collectors and museums.

This is second discovery of huge precious stone in the area after the 20kg emerald which was found in 2001 and was valued 310 million US dollars. So the area seems to be a home to massive sized precious stones! Ready for an expedition? Pack your bags, get your shovels and let’s get going, already!