Want to know whether or not there is a famous painting in some museum in certain corner of the world that matches your face? Well, Google has a pretty cool AI feature that does exactly that for you!

Artificial Intelligence aka AI is everywhere around us and while we are still confused about whether to be creeped out by how far it can go or just laugh at how far it still has to go, it is particularly getting deeper into our societies. Here’s a new feature introduced in one of Google’s app that lets users to compare and find portrait paintings that match their faces – sounds fun, right! Google Arts and Culture is the app and the feature is called “Is your portrait in a museum?”, now I know you want to try it, but hold up a second there. It really played up with your natural vanity, and you really want to try, don’t you?

This feature has gone viral and Google Art and Culture app has reached on top position in the US App Store and Play Store. All you have to do is, take a selfie, upload it and then the feature matches it with a doppelgänger in one of several art museums worldwide. The app uses computer-vision technology to examine what is similar about the user’s face to the thousands of pieces of art that are shared with Google by museums and other institutions. Google uses pattern recognition to recognise faces and provide similar portraits from its database. So it is pretty much like facial recognition and then matching it with one of the famous laying in some art gallery in some far-flung corner of the world.

This may sound like an easy process, but there is a lot the machine has to do – after identifying the face in an image, it may need to resize it for a better understanding. Once resizing is done, it will have to create a ‘faceprint’ with characteristics that uniquely identifies a face. So during generating a faceprint, various facial features like distance between facial features, such as eyes, or shapes or sizes of noses are considered. And then comes the matching from its database – in Google’s case, the size of this database of artworks is 70,000 as of now. This means, each time a selfie is uploaded on the app, it has to be matched with 70,000 paintings – every single time! But Google says that it is just an experimental feature, and that for trying it out, you must be in the US. The feature is not available in India, yet. Sorry about that.