Infamous as the most populated city in world, Indian capital city Delhi faces two major air pollutants – smoggy smoke and the annual dust storms. To get a breather from at least one of them, Delhi will now build a tree wall surrounding the city by growing 32 lakh trees, which will serve as a guard from dusty storms from Rajasthan.

The harsh weather conditions round year, extreme levels of air pollution added up by dusty storms from the western desert winds of Rajasthan – India’s capital city is located at the harshest geographical location in India. While there is a lot to be done to fight the smog, the government has come up with a solution to stop dusty storms from reaching Delhi; and the answer is – trees. Lakhs and lakhs of trees. The plan is to surround Delhi with 32 lakh trees and build a green wall that will guard from dusty storms and pour on oxygen, cleaner air and a whole new ecosystem around Delhi.

The plan has already been launched on July 7 and various governmental agencies have started planting tree saplings on all the frontiers of Delhi all along Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh including the Aravali and the Yamuna forests areas. The maximum number of tress would be planted by the Delhi Development Authority followed by the Forest Deparment (4.22 lakh), the three municipal corporations of Delhi (4 lakh), NDMC (3 lakh) and CPWD (35,000) – summing up to 21 lakh trees. And the remaining 10 lakh trees will be planted during ‘Van Mahotsav’ from July 15 to September 15.

Most of the trees will be of native origin so that they can grow and lush out without the need of special care. Once full grown, the tree wall will not allow dust particles to rise up in the air and stop them from condensing at few meters above the ground. The Forest Department of Delhi ambitiously plans to execute and wrap up the green wall mission within two years. After closure of plantation drive, an independent agency would conduct a “survival audit” of the trees to scrutinize their survival rate and take all the necessary further actions to let the great green wall of Delhi thrive.