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A London boy uses Apple's virtual assistant Siri to save her mother's life

A boy from South London is seriously studying her mother's health and he is aware of his critical situation. At a certain stage, her eyes were closed and stopped breathing.

He unlocked his mother's iPhone by touch ID and used Siri to call emergency services. Paramedics and police rushed to the location and were able to provide lifesaving first aid to his mother. The incident was reported by the BBC 1.

Roman and his siblings were present during this event at home place. Police visited the house and asked the children to use the technology for emergency services, and how to call the police when a situation arises where urgent assistance is needed.

Siri, the voice assistant in the Apple iPhone, was used by the boy to dial 999, which is the official emergency number across the United Kingdom.

This is not the first time that Siri has been used to save a life. In June 2016, a one-year-old boy in Australia suddenly stopped breathing, and her mother was helped by Siri in the same manner. Emergency services rushed and hospitalised the boy.

An eighteen-year-old man from Washington in the United States also used Siri to contact emergency services. A truck he was repairing fell on top of him, fortuitously triggering Siri, and the man just yelled out “Call 911”.

Virtual Assistant around the various mobile operating system is getting smarter day by day. Google Assistant and Microsoft's Cortana are also smart enough to interact with a human in emergency cases. They are pre-installed in some of the devices.

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