The Syrian-Arab-US alliance forces fighting against the ISIS in Syria announced the deliberation of a strategic town and a major dam on the Euphrates river which was then named ‘Freedom Dam’. This liberation will lead to the major operation in Raqqa city within few days.

In a statement published on social media, the Kurdish-led, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said they liberated the IS-held town of Al-Mansoura and the Ba’ath Dam in the western Raqqa countryside in Syria. Al-Mansoura is located some 30km in the west of Raqqa, and the hydroelectric dam which SDF renamed the Freedom Dam lies some 22km upstream of city Raqqa. The militia forces clashed with the militants for three days and finally released the town and the dam which housed a lot of weapons and ammunition. The SDF fighters, compromised of Kurdish and Arab fighters, are now in control of all three major dams along the Euphrates. This is the latest gain of the Syrian militias against the Daesh and they are all set and armed up to push towards Raqqa city and deliberate it.

The spokesman for the Kurdish YPG militia, the SDF’s key component, said fighters were combing nearby villages for mines and shoring up their defensive lines. “The dam has been completely liberated”, Nouri Mahmoud said. The US-led coalition supported with airstrikes and special forces while the Syrian and Kurdish armed forces encircled the area to wipe out the militants from that area.

The operation to storm the city of Raqqa clean will start in next few days and the Raqqa assault will pile more pressure on the jihadist group’s self-declared “caliphate” as it faces defeat in the Iraqi city of Mosul and retreats across much of Syria. Islamic State still controls swaths of Syria’s eastern desert bordering Iraq and most of Deir al-Zor province, which would be its last major foothold in Syria after losing Raqqa. And the victory over Freedom Dam is the very hope of success in Raqqa which will ultimately lead to freedom for Syria, soon.