Global warming may or mayn’t be believed by all, but it is surely happening and here is the visual, physical proof – an iceberg weighing almost 1 trillion-ton just broke off from Antarctica. This isn’t something to be ignored anymore, it is massive, it is sending out a message and it is important.

For some, climate change may still be a topic of debate and skepticism and they’d probably call global warming – an unreal ‘taboo’, well it surely is a taboo and I so wish that it was unreal. Imagine how bad things are, that we wish ignorant ones’ ignorance was true. Earlier this week, a massive iceberg broke off the white icy polar peninsula and is now floating free in the Antarctic Ocean. The size of this iceberg was announced to be 6000 square-kilometres which is approximately four times the size of London city – see, I told you it is not ignorable. This is one of the largest rip off from Antarctica and although iceberg break offs are pretty common and natural, the size does the talking.

So what now? How does that affect us, it is so far away! First – the iceberg is floating free in the ocean and is making its way into shipping routes which means ship will have to find an alternative (longer) route, hence slower business. Second – it is moving towards the hotter regions so it will melt down and cause the sea level rise by probably 1 centimetre; which might not seem too much, but the icebergs are made of fresh water, so it will affect the salt levels of the freshwater resources located on coastal areas. Those freshwater bodies can come in contact with salty water and that is simply the formula of ecology imbalance.

The final problem – Antarctic glaciers are now exposed to the sea as the 18-25 miles of separation has now gone. And if those glaciers start breaking and melting, sea levels will surely rise, which may affect generations over generations, if not us.

The melting of iceberg is not going to happen for like a decade or even more, so not need to get alarmed as it is not like all this will happen tomorrow but it is still significant. This facet raises one important question – was it a natural occurrence or are we humans responsible for it? Scientists are still studying the cause of this break and keeping close watch on the iceberg, but there has been no official explanation for the iceberg’s breakaway. But whatever it is, climate change is not something to be taken lightly or to me questioned about because it is happening and we should try to revoke, before it is too late.