On World Toilet Day, an NGO Sulabh International launched a new machine that can end the tragic sewer death menace, where hundreds of “manual scavengers” each year by suffocating while cleaning the sewers manually, in all cities across India.

In India, uncountable people, usually from the “lower castes” are employed under the world’s dirtiest job of clean human waste sewers – usually by scraping the waste with their bare hands without any gears or masks. Tragically, hundreds of these manual scavengers die inside sewers, mainly due to suffocation while unclogging the underground human waste sewers – and yet, shamefully enough, the manual cleaning of sewers continues. But, on the occasion of World Toiled Day, we may have just found the solution.


More than 1,300 have died, mainly suffocated, in the past three years. Photo: AFPPhoto Credit: AFP

In a bid to solve the problem, a non-profit non-government organisation called Sulabh International launched a new machine that can unclog sewers mechanically, without having to send a human inside the sewer and eradicate the shameful menace of sewer deaths in India. The machine injects water inside the sewers, tunnels and tanks with high pressure to unclog the waste, and then remove it with a mechanical bucket operated from ground. They have also introduced a remote control inspection camera specially designed to take high resolution images of the sewers to be able to see and target the problem areas, without having to go inside them manually.

This machine can prove revolutionary as it can safely clean any sewage tunnel or tank, and no man will ever need to do the demeaning job or suffocate to death in sewers anymore.  Perhaps this machine will actually be able to replace manual scavengers and complete the government’s mission of “no manual scavengers” and “no sewer death” that was initiated in 2013, and nothing has been done till date.