Unexaggeratedly world’s topmost institute – The Oxford University is planning to execute an ambitious project of setting up a new college as part of their five-year growth strategy. This will be Oxford’s first college that will be operational after a gap of almost 30 years.

With the new ambitious project, Oxford University is working on a strategic plan to build a massive college campus with 1,000 graduate rooms. The plan to build a new college after three decades will help in increasing the intake capacity of new graduate students from across the globe into its campus. It has been estimated that after the implementation of this new strategic plan, the intake of post-graduate students to the Oxford University would increase by 850 a year by 2023 whereas that of the undergraduates would increase by 200 a year.

Furthermore, Oxford’s strategic plan also aims to reduce gaps in attainment of international students by gender, ethnic origin and socio-economic background by 2023. The plan will also enhance the number of undergraduate places offered to students from groups who are under-represented at present significantly. While Oxford remains tight-lipped about the new college and said that they will comment more fully when the plan has been widely reviewed and formally adopted, but it has been reported that mission new college is under full-fledged consolation.

The new Oxford College would be first one to be opened up after almost three decades because the last development – Kellogg College, a graduate-only college was established by the university way back in 1990. Oxford doesn’t compare itself to other institutions in the UK, it compares itself to other institutions around the world such as Ivy League which have more graduates than undergraduates and the new institute will bring it closer to that goal.