The new permanent Fashion Museum will be and addition to the undeniable ever-present glamour of Paris. An added star to the city of cool style, lights and croissants is the Palais Galliera as permanent fashion museum partnering with the House of Chanel and will be named “The Gabrielle Chanel Rooms”.

If you weren’t already convinced that Paris was World’s Fashion capital, it may now as well be official. The city of lights and ultimate glamour and fashion will now get its first permanent fashion museum. The City of Paris has announced the Palais Galliera – the fashion museum in Paris – will be partnering with the House of Chanel to launch the creation of a permanent exhibition gallery, named as “The Gabrielle Chanel Rooms”. The first permanent fashion museum of Paris will be unleashed in 2019, the 7211 sqft basement area will serve as the display area of the museum.

“The House of Chanel is delighted to promote Paris, the international fashion capital, and in particular to support the Palais Galliera by making its exceptional collections accessible to all in new, permanent spaces that will bear the name of the House’s founder, Gabrielle Chanel”, says President of Chanel Fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky. As the exclusive sponsor of the project, Chanel will be partner with the City of Paris to finance the construction of the exhibition rooms as well as the creation of a learning workshop and a bookstore which estimates about 5.7 million euros! Who says fashion is not about money, eh?

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo says, “I would like to thank the House of Chanel for its valued support of the Palais Galliera. Thanks to this prestigious sponsorship, our capital will soon have the first permanent fashion museum in France. The City of Paris is proud to be able to open this exceptional space to Parisians and visitors from all over the world. I would like to thank the House of Chanel for proving once again that Paris is the home of fashion”. The permanent gallery space will also have a bookshop and a learning workshop, while the ground floor of the museum will continue to display temporary exhibitions.