An appalling terror attack was barged at singer Ariana Grande’s concert at the Manchester Arena on Monday night and as per the reports by Great Manchester Police, there has been around 20 casualties and 50 have been injured after the explosion at the concert. But there is a sense of humanity rising in Manchester to help the people stranded during the outburst.

The detonation took place outside the arena, which is near the Manchester Victoria transit station, as the concert ended at about 10:35 p.m. local time, catching people as they exited. A lot of young people were affected by the attack and reportedly many children were lost during the chaos and were not able to contact as they lost their mobile phones or drained the batteries. To find their missing loved ones, agonized family members and friends have been using social media. With overwhelming reach and support, many have already been found sheltering at other people’s homes after losing their mobile phones.

The hashtag #RoomForManchester has been trending and is the latest glimpse of how humanity spreads its wing wide in times of anguish. People living in Manchester have begun offering their spare rooms, couches, food, drinks and are welcoming those who were stranded after the huge explosion to their homes. They are even asking people to come to their homes for charging their mobile phones and providing them support to contact and get back to their homes. There are people who are even offering drives and lifts to home for those who have been displaced during the massacre.

And this is not it, there are many, many more people doing their own bit while using #RoomForManchester hashtag

A hotel, Hotel Gotham have been offering free complimentary rooms and services to the victims of Manchester attack. Another hotel named The Hotel Inn Express has harboured many children and provided them a safe shelter while they contacted their families. A taxi company named Streetcars arranged a meeting point at its offices, promising to help people get home safely, or let them stay at headquarters for the night if they couldn’t get home after trains were cancelled. Hospitals called in for extra staff and are providing immediate treatment and ambulance services for those affected by the explosion. There are still a lot of people missing and people are using #MissingManchester hashtag to located their loved ones. If you live in Manchester, kindly look up for the hashtag on Twitter, you may have spotted someone who is missing. Do this in the name of humanity.

This is what we are as human beings, we stand for each other even as there is major outburst of evil and terror. This is what defeats the terror; with all the help, care and support, Manchester has already smacked the terrorism right into its face. That speaks a lot about Manchester.