Google inked a settlement with Getty Images and simply lifted off and trashed the ‘View Image’ button from its image search results in a bid to respect copyrights and trademarks. However, there’s a way to bring back the beloved button which gives access to images with just a single button click – a Google Chrome extension.

Just last week, Google removed the feature that was pretty popular and useful to a lot of people – the ‘View image’ button which gave users the ability to easily view – and download – an image found through Google’s search engine. The removal was made as a part of an agreement Google had with Getty Images over the display of copyrighted content in Google Image search results. While it better respected copyrights and trademarks of images, it was still useful to people who made use of it rightfully and the change had bothered many, especially those who rely on the platform to source images for their different needs.

The removal just made access to image simply tedious because users need to visit the website where the image is hosted, then view it and download if they want to and if it allows – making the process somewhat difficult. Thankfully, there’s a way around this. All you need to do is just download the extension called ‘View Image‘  and it will bring back the ‘View Image’ button exactly where it was before Google removed it. Yes, it works just the way it used to, too. So far, more than 8000 users have already installed it and the reviews are great – and it works the way it is advertise so far.

Sure you can simply opt to visit the parent page by clicking the ‘Visit’ button which will redirect you to the page where the particular image resides and then view and/or download it with a simple right-click-save process. But the extension makes it particularly easier and convenient and nostalgic for some reason I have no idea about. About the legitimacy of its working, it works just fine and worked just like it says it will – at least in my testing. It is handy, it is good and so-far it doesn’t look malicious – worth a try.