The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has proposed to build third ring road worth Rs 34000 Crore to decongest and ease out the immensely annoying traffic issue in the capital city of India – Delhi.

India’s national capital city is known for extreme weather conditions – be it those chilly winter days, the unbearable summer heat, those rainy days or the foggy than anywhere winter mornings; every single season is extreme in Delhi – and so is the traffic. Despite considerable steps taken by the governing authority, the city witnesses heavy traffic jams every single day. Considering the traffic issue which ends up into wasting uncountable working hours, fuel and the inconvenience – a high-level meeting on ‘Projects on decongestion of Delhi’ was held.

During this meeting, the NHAI said that they have already taken up development and decongestion of NH-1, NH-8 and NH-24. Apart from that, the NHAI suggested completing the urban extension road (UER) 2 by connecting three major highways in the National Capital. This 49km long convergent corridor will be completed in two phases. For the first phase, work will be completed between NH-1 and NH-8 while the second phase will connect NH-8 with NH-10 and NH-2. Completing the entire third rind road which will provide alternate route to traffic coming from these highways.

As per reports, Union Road Transport Minister – Nitin Gadkari said that the Central Government has taken up the project worth Rs 34,100 crores to decongest traffic in Delhi and ease out the transportation facilities. While decongestion and interconnectivity of roads will help in relieving traffic issues up to some extent, building new roads would mean cutting down trees – thousands of trees. And while we are struggling hard to get even close to staying in limits of carbon footprints, cutting down trees is not really a very good idea; it must be counter-balanced by growing even more trees, because climate is an ickier issue than traffic.