The affable and sophisticated mien, those quizzically raised eyebrows, refined yet firm voice; a but obvious choice for the role of famous British Spy – James Bond, Sir Roger Moore played this witty role for the most SEVEN times. Despite playing the prestigious role so many times, Roger Moore was never one to boast about his acting ability but then the facts spoke for themselves. The talented 89-year-old Bond legend passed away on Tuesday in Switzerland.

A very handsome man who never seemed to be aware of how good-looking he was (or was at least unwilling to be defined by his looks), Moore had a twinkle in his eyes and a “wink wink” vibe, even when he was karate chopping bad guys, playing the suave, tough, lady-killer or engaging in daredevil stunts. But Moore, who was appreciated for his approach to the role and his whimsical appearance, was not in much awe of it. In fact, he considered the character of Bond totally different from himself in real life and definitely not a cold blooded spy killer type. He said he played the role for laughs.

Despite his differences about James Bond, a phobia of firearms, fear of heights and disliking getting wet, Roger Moore has played the Bond more than anyone else. He appeared in Bond classics like “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “Live and Let Die” and “The Man with the Golden Gun” and outgunned Sean Connery and all the other actors to have played 007 by taking the role he fondly called “Jimmy Bond” in a record number of seven films.

Roger Moore has played roles in piles of movies and have achieved worldwide fame but still, he was the down-to-earth kind of “true gentleman” as described by the people of Gloucestershire. Even in his TV shows like “The Saint” or big budget action films like “The Wild Geese,” audiences knew he was just having fun, not condescending but just enjoying himself.

On Tuesday, Moore passed away at the age of 89 in Switzerland while he was in middle of his brief yet brave battle with cancer. This is like the end of a legendary era which will be remembered for ages. His ironically raised eyebrows and deadpan quips will always be missed and he was one of the supremo actors who played Bond, James Bond. May his soul rest in peace.