Voyager 1 is currently around 13 billion miles away from Earth and is moving beyond the solar system, towards unknown worlds; so on 40th anniversary of the spaceship, NASA had held a contest to send a message which will be beamed to Voyager 1 as a message from humanity to extra-terrestrial life.

A historic spacecraft named Voyager 1 was sent out in space on September 5, 1977 – to explore other planets, and today, after 40 years, the spaceship still sends and receives messages. Voyager has almost moved beyond solar system and it is the farthest distance that any manmade object has covered in space. To celebrate 40th anniversary of the epidemic spaceship, the Voyager team decided to send 10 messages from over 30,000 entries tweeted with #MessageToVoyager. Later, from public voting, one with the highest votes was picked to send it to Voyager – no message has ever been sent so far away from Earth and it will serve as a message from humanity to possible other worlds, if found any.

The tweet picked was ‘We offer friendship across the stars. You are not alone’ which was written by a man named Oliver Jenkins. Voyager has already explored Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and also carried gold records containing messages, songs and images from Earth in case of encountering extra-terrestrial life. The spaceship will carry all humanly messages beyond solar system and beyond our reach – into the interstellar space about 13 million miles away from us – isn’t it just extremely amazing!

This was a chance of creating something like Noah’s Ark of human culture, because by sending all those pieces of music, art, images and messages – we just conferred a kind of immortality of all those human traces. Even if we would be destroyed by apocalypse, those humanly traces will sustain somewhere in this wide universe, and who knows if it reaches other unknown worlds at unfathomable distances that mean little more to us terrestrials than giant numbers on a page.