Bullish over the security of Aadhaar biometric database, Union Minister for Information and Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said how the database is secured with the “safest encryption and cannot be hacked even if someone tried a billion times”.

India being home to a population of 1.3 billion with 1.2 crore Aadhaar card holders, the government holds a serious responsibility towards security and privacy of the biometric database that contains fingerprint and iris scans of all Aadhaar holders. As of now, the government conducts around 10 million Aadhaar authentications per second, and a total of 800 million bank accounts are linked to the biometric ID card. Which sums up to a massive database of sensitive biometric details as well as complete financial details and control of almost entire country – a jackpot that cannot be unseen by hackers.

While the fate of Aadhaar as single and only identity in India is still reeling over the hearings of Supreme Court, questions about vulnerability and security of Aadhaar database haunts even the toughest. While there are a number of benefits of using Aadhaar, which will lead to digitalisation and eventually an industrial revolution – such a humongous database must be ensured. The government claims that Aadhaar system has been made competent enough to contain such data and well organized and safe with the government; perhaps, it can still be a question to be worried about.

Bullish about the security of the biometric data that contains finger prints and iris recognitions, Ravi Shankar expressed how the database is so secure that it cannot be breached, even after a billion times. The minister explained how reaching information and hacking is next to impossible and even if he discloses the data regarding the fingerprints and iris scan, except in case of national security, he could be subjected to prosecution. That is how strict the system is, said Ravi Shankar, appreciating the Modi government for taking rapid steps in making India more digital.