Before CJI Dipak Misra retires, he is expected to give out a number of significant rulings and cases, including the final decision of the Aadhaar battle. In fact, the five-judge bench of Supreme Court will deliver the final Aadhaar verdict today.

The long-standing case with a clutch of petitions challenging the validity of Aadhaar as a mandatory identity proof in India will finally uncover its fate today, as the Supreme Court bench headed by CJI Dipak Misra will declare the Aadhaar verdict. After filing of petitions, the Supreme Court heard the Aadhaar case for over 38 days and reserved its verdict on May 10th. As the retirement date of CJI Misra gets closer, he intends to windup a number of landmark cases and give out significant rulings – including the decision on constitutional validity of Aadhaar biometric identity and the law.

A total of 31 petitions have been filed in the apex court that are challenging the Centre’s flagship Aadhaar scheme and claims it to be violating and jeopardising privacy of the citizens of India. The petitions were signed after government made the 12-digit Unique Identification Number was made compulsory for citizens to get services for bank accounts, PAN cards, telecom, passport and even driving licenses. In fact, Aadhaar overrode all existing identity proofs and overarched itself as a proof for residence, banking and everything.

So today, the Supreme Court will decide if the government has the right to demand every single citizen to give out their biometric, demographic and personal details; and authenticate their identification with just one single unique identification number. Or do the citizens of India have the right to identify themselves using various existing identity proofs, without being compelled to share their sensitive biometrics which could be vulnerable to breaches and misuse. Stay tuned for updates on the Aadhaar verdict.