Grenfell Tower inferno has been one of the most horrific fire incidents since decades in London, leaving hundreds of homes into ashes. Helpers and donors have flocked to support the devastated families while pop star Adele made an unexpected appearance on the scene within few hours after the blaze to comfort victims.

The deadly inferno which engulfed the 27-storey residential block – Grenfell Tower in west Kensington of London broke out on 14 June at 1 AM at night. The fire incident which is said to be triggered because of a refrigerator blast has killed 17 and there are chances of rise in the death toll. Just hours after the incident, the Tottenham-born pop star – Adele made a low-key appearance at the scene along with her husband Simon Konecki on Wednesday.

Dressed in an abaya, Adele was spotted attending the night vigil for victims and survivors and she hugged and comforted whoever she can. Social media posts by eyewitnesses included a series of pictures of a distraught-looking Adele and it is reported that she even asked the victims if they needed any help.

While many celebrities and public figures have been donating on online funds and promoting services offered to the victims, Adele chose to actually visit the site and support the victims for real. And the even more applaud-worthy fact is that she did not mention a word about it, it was just the social media fans who spotted her on scene. And fans have been appreciating this act of their favorite pop star.