Delhi Government wrote a request letter to the Central Government to allow using helicopters as aerial water sprinklers to help in settling down the dust that has made it tough to even breath in the capital city of India.

Air quality in Delhi is continuously deteriorating, thanks to uncontrollable pollution and the aggravated smoky dusty air because of the festive season – despite all the bans. In a move to improvise the quality of air and curb air pollution during winters, the AAP government has proposed a request to allow usage of choppers to sprinkle water from the air, which will help in settling pollution and dust. On behalf of the state government, Delhi environment minister Imran Hussain informed the Union Minister Harsh Vardhan that Delhi government is ready to bear the expenses of this exercise which will help in letting people of the national capital to breath properly.

Hussain said that Delhi will be facing even more air pollution in coming days because of the aggravations caused due to fire crackers and vehicles in festive season. Using civil aviation services, water can be sprinkled across the city which will help in settling down pollutant particles from the air and even reduce the amount of smoke – hence improving the quality of air. Delhi government is ready to bear the expenses but they seek help and support from the Centre so that the exercise can be conducted efficiently.

Since a couple of years, the quality of air in Delhi has transitioned from ‘poor’ to ‘severe’ and residents are literally having hard time to even breathe. The problem has gotten so intense that it simply cannot be ignored anymore and immediate measures must be taken to reverse air quality from ‘severe’ to ‘poor’ – if not good. Even poor quality seems fine compared to current situation! See what have we done to the atmosphere, that now we need ‘fake rain’ so that we can breathe. SEE.