Ah those memories with Age of Empires, it’s been quite some while and Relic Entertainment is back at the helm to battle-win the gaming world with a fresh new edition of the epic game – Age of Empires IV.

‘Empires will rise, Kingdoms will fall’ – what a perfectly does that fit to the classic game which not only makes us feel like the kings and queens of powerful kingdoms, but also gives us that mesmerising nostalgia of good old times when the game ruled the PC gaming world. The strategic war game which was first developed in 1997 and the next two versions were released in 1999 and 2005 – andddd the latest on is under development. Although the release date or even the brief window for the game wasn’t mentioned, it is still exciting.

The previous versions were focused specifically on stone age, middle ages and colonial era, but from the trailer, the fourth instalment seems to be a mix of various armies – at least from Rome to the American Revolution, if not all. The choice of developers – Relic Entertainment makes it clear that the game will still have its epic tradition approach since they are known for developing some very-well received games.

Promising high promises, Relic Entertainment stated, “We can’t wait to tap into our strengths as a studio to fuse historical context with deep strategic gameplay, and to bring this franchise back to the forefront of gaming and into the hands of its beloved community”. For those who can’t wait to play AoE all over again, a 4K remastered series of original Age of Empires will be released October 19th, and will be available exclusively on the Windows Store in Windows 10. The remastered version is a good idea, but we really want to play that new AoE and feel the power.