Tearful Roger Federer beat Marin Cilic to claim his sixth Australia Open and 20th Grand Slam title in Melbourne on Sunday superseding his genius and his court craft, leading him to agelessness in the world of tennis.

Watching the Swiss ace Roger Federer crying is a sight to see, tears streaking down his face, he looked fallible, a human. Yet, there is something about him in the tennis courts that looks other-worldly. Every shot he hits is perfection and he delivers it every single time, creating history – over and over again. With a ground breaking comeback in the Australian Open, the 36-year-old stunned every player who came across his way to the final of the Grand Slam tournament. On Sunday, he played the finale against Marin Cilic at the Ron Laver Arena and beat his contender off the game with a clear-cut straight victory with 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 to win the season and add-up on his Grand Slam marquee to count a perfect 20.

The triumph at Australia Open 2018 proved to be Federer’s sixth Australia Open title and 20th Grand Slam title – something no man has achieved. Of the five Grand Slams he played last, he won three – and he is 36 – ageless as wine. Generally a tennis player Federer’s age is not expected to win grand slam titles – but he did and it was one of the most glinting victories in his career. Despite his imposing victory, Federer will still remain world no.2 – behind Rafael Nadal – but he already has for himself, an imposing win-loss record.  At the Australian Open in Melbourne, Federer has a record of 94-13 and his overall Grand Slam record is 332-52. And let’s not forget that Federer did beat Nadal all four times he clashed with him in last seasons.

Despite his infallibility in the court, despite his unmatched hold on the game, despite all his achievements – Federer stood at the stage in Ron Laver Arena at Melbourne – crying as he held the title – every bit of which he deserved. He had won his first major at Wimbledon in 2003 and 15 years later, he was there holding the shiny Australia Open Grand Slam title – humble and thankful. He thanked his wife Mirka for being there with him all this time and kept him motivated to keep going as he gets older. For Roger, age is truly just a number and he is perhaps ageless the moment he enters a tennis court.