All operations at Gujarat’s Ahmedabad Junction platform number 1 have been blocked from January 2, 2019 for next 50 days, and nobody is allowed in – except workers as the platform is getting an international standard makeover that matches the standards of Ahmedabad’s UNESCO World Heritage City title.

Since January 2, 2019, no entry boards dominated over the Ahmedabad railway station’s platform number 1 and all trains scheduled for platform-1 are being diverted to other platforms for the a total of 50 days – during which, the platform is receiving a massive makeover. As per Pradip Sharma, spokesperson of Ahmedabad division of Western Railway, the particular platform has been blocked temporarily for construction of CC apron and surface improvement work – and in the meantime, it will undergo redevelopment to keep up with the UNESCO’s World Heritage City standard of Ahmedabad city.

While there will be no changes in the basic structure of the railway platform, functional changes will be made to upgrade the overall quality. These changes includes – the entire platform being lit with microprocessor-based fixed color lighting which will change with themes, instead of the regular electric lighting. The entry gate on the station concourse and platform will be fitted with granite tiles, passenger’s waiting room, retiring room, and other passenger facilities on the station will also be upgraded. Moreover, tiles – depicting guidelines for handicapped people will also be mounted.

The entire makeover session for the Ahmedabad railway platform will cost about Rs 30 crore, which will be co-funded by the Western Railways and the central railway authorities, state and union government.  Meanwhile, the DEMU trains from Gandhinagar would be terminated at Sabarmati station and MEMU trains from Vadodara will be terminated at Maninagar station – until the reconstruction is completed.