Soon after the directives issued to Indian airlines companies, by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the airlines have now junked off air ticket cancellation charge of ‘flat Rs 3000’ for any domestic flight. This means, travellers will now require to pay lesser cancellation fees for air tickets, if not zero – which is still better.

In efforts to make air travel more accessible and appealing to wider group of Indian society, the DGCA had claimed that a flat charge of Rs 3000 for cancellation of air tickets was unreasonable and that sometimes, the cancellation charges exceeded the cost of ticket. Announcing just in time, right before the holiday season, domestic airlines have revised their air ticket cancellation fee structure against the fixed levy amount of Rs 3000. This move might bring some relief to passengers of domestic airlines and on cancellation, the passengers will be charged the base fare plus fuel surcharge or Rs. 3,000 per passenger, whichever is lower. This is likely to provide relief to passengers who buy cheap air tickets in advance, but end up losing money while cancelling them.

The new cancellation fee structure will help in avoiding situations when the cancellation fee exceeded the price of the ticket itself; and now, it will be brought back into balance. This was a prompt decision from Indian domestic airlines as the Civil Aviation Ministry had stated that rules do not allow the cancellation charge to be more than the sum of base fare and fuel surcharge. Apart from the people who booked their tickets in advance, the change in fee structure will also benefit those who travel on shorter routes where ticket fare is lower than Rs 3,000.

Airline, which had earlier listed the flat cancellation fees on their websites, have now been updated and tweaked as per the new rules which are in accordance with the directives of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) rule. This will encourage passengers to cancel tickets if there were changes in their plans and expect to get at least some refund amount.