Lending a generous hand towards people in dismay, a number of airlines serving in Las Vegas are offering free travel, changed fees and help to individuals and victims who suffered in the mass shooting, as well as their families.

On Sunday evening, one man started perching bullets on a crowd of thousands of people who had gathered to enjoy a country music concert near Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. This tragedy has killed 59 people and injured 527 others – making it the deadliest mass shooting of United States. As an aftermath of this brutal incident, family members of the victims have started hailing from different parts of the country, desperate to see their loved ones. To help people in need, airlines are offering help and even providing free travel to victims and their families.

Southwest Airlines and Allegiant Air say they are offering free flights to family members of people who were killed or injured in the Las Vegas shooting. Allegiant airlines announced that they will offer free travel for up to five family members and will also assist in transporting bodies of those killed in the incident. Not just that, the airlines are also helping them people with lodging in local hotels for people coming from out of the town. Anyone in need can reach out the airlines for help by writing to them at communications@allegiantair.com

Allegiant airline is also recommending Las Vegas travellers, who wish to change their plans this week without change fees. Allegiant’s customer care team is reaching out to customers staying at Mandalay Bay hotel-casino or other hotels in the immediate area of the shooting and re-accommodating to other hotels as needed or desired. As per reports, they have also provided shelter and safe space overnight for about 30 individuals who had fled the concert site. Other airlines include, a Las Vegas-based medical flight charity Miracle Flights will provide free commercial airline flights to the families of those who were lost or injured in Sunday’s shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. American Airlines is offering change fees to be waived for passengers if they bought their ticket by Oct. 2, scheduled to travel Oct. 2 to 3, can travel between Oct. 2 and 6 and don’t change their origin or destination city. This is how human stands for another human in the time of dismay, strengthening hope.