The 90s Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre revealed about her cancer diagnosis on Twitter yesterday and said that she is undergoing treatment in New York; upon knowing about this, Akshay Kumar paid a visit to  Sonali Bendre and called her a “real fighter”.

While the B-town and fans are still recuperating from the news about Irrfan Khan’s neuroendocrine cancerous tumour and the actor’s struggle, Sonali Bendre revealed that she has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer on July 4. In the Twitter statement, Bendre asserted that she will be fighting the cancer heads-on as she is undergoing treatment in New York and is blessed with support and love from people around her. The news had sent out a wave of shock among her friends and colleagues in Bollywood and the B-town celebrities poured in wishes for her speedy recovery and good health.


Upon finding about Sonali’s health actor Akshay Kumar visited Sonali Bendre in the Sloan-Kettering hospital in New York. Akshay, who was in the US for a vacation with his family, said that “I know that Sonali is a fighter. May God help bring her back in the best of health” after his visit. It has been reported that Abhishek Bachchan, a close friend to Sonali and her husband booked a flight to New York last week to see the ailing actress.