Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt seems to be giving herself a tough competition with a challenging game-changer role that she has played in film Raazi. Packed with drama, emotional roller-coaster and suspense that kept us glued till the end of the trailer – Alia Bhatt plays a multi-personality role of an obedient daughter, a dutiful wife and a bold Indian spy.

Young and bubbly Alia Bhatt now comes in three distinct shades in Meghna Gulzar’s film Raazi, uniting first time with actor Vicky Kaushal. The trailer of Raazi leaves out a blueprint storyline of the film which will be around three key elements – love, betrayal and patriotism. Playing the role of ‘Sehmat’ in the film, Alia Bhatt transforms from an innocent and obedient daughter to a bold and fearless spy on the order of her father and gets married to a Pakistani officer, serving as ‘eyes and ears for India’. Performing first time on screen with Kaushal playing as Pakistani officer Iqbal, Alia’s role as his wife seems to bring out an impressive on-screen chemistry while being in a double-personality character.

In the trailer, Alia as the Kashmiri girl Sehmat, looks straight into her husband’s eyes to make believe about her love – but as a spy, she is trained for extreme situations and knows her job even in adverse circumstances. In the two and half minute trailer, Alia has managed to establish herself an image of an actor who can effortlessly mould into any character all at once. At the end of the trailer, Sehmat is seen holding a gun at who supposedly appears to be her husband while tears roll down her cheeks. And the epic dialogue “Watan ke aage kuch nahi”, which means, nothing comes befor nation – speaks out a lot about sacrifices and bravery in the film.

Based on the theme of Indo-Pakistani war of 1971, the film outlines the story from Harinder Sikka’s novel Calling Sehmat and is shot in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Mumbai. With an interesting plot which is filled with emotional twists and turns, action and an amazing cast – the entire film already seems to be a hit. For fans, Alia will be seen in a never-before avatar with a game-changer character which is actually inspired from a true story. The espionage and patriotism drama thriller film Raazi by Meghna Gulzar, will be released on May 11, 2018.