In a general public notice, the Reserved Bank of India (RBI) has clarified that all 14 editions of Rs 10 coins are valid tenders and that people are requested to continue accepting all Rs 10 coins – putting all rumours about withdrawal of Rs 10 coins to rest.

Shopkeepers had displayed reluctance in accepting some of the types of Rs 10 coins saying that they will no longer be valid. Soon, it turned out into a widespread rumour across the country that few kinds of Rs 10 coins will be invalidated and shacked off by the RBI. To clarify any doubts, the Reserved Bank of India issued a statement to general public that all 14 types of Rs 10 coins are valid tenders and requested common public, shopkeepers and traders to continue usage and exchange of these coins. The statement said, “It has come to the notice of the Reserve Bank that in certain places there is reluctance on part of traders and members of public to accept Rs 10 coins due to suspicion about their genuineness. So far the Reserve Bank has issued Rs 10 coin in 14 designs.All these coins are legal tender and can be accepted for transactions.”

By the way, did you know there were 14 different types of these coins? (I didn’t.) But there really are 14 differently designed types of Rs 10 coins. The coins put into circulation by the RBI are minted from different mints and they do have different designs and features. Each edition of coin reflects various themes of economic, social and cultural values and are introduced from time to time. These coins are designed specially be mint designers that suits and glorifies the present-time situation of any country, they are sometimes designed to honour personalities or special national events and occasions.

The first set of Rs 10 coins were introduced in 2009 as the government thought that these smaller denominations were used in day to day use and paper currency notes seemed to be wearing out too soon. However, the coins minted out of metals and alloys certainly last longer than paper currency – which means once minted, the government has longer lifespan plans for these coins and they clearly ain’t going away so soon. Please, now on, do not deny or show any reluctance in accepting these coins, and it is not just about common people, the RBI has also advised banks to accept these coins for transactions and exchange at all branches.