All future elections will be held with Electronic Voting Machines that will have a paper trail attached as per the announcement of Election Commission said on Friday after a storm of allegations that poll results were manipulated by faulty and tampered EVMs.

The Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) system will record the candidate and the symbol of the election candidate they voted for as a proof for truthful vote, but the voter will not be allowed to take the receipt at home. The decision of introducing the paper trails with EVMs was made a few days after Aam Aadmi Party used a dummy EVM to purportedly show how the machine could be manipulated. As a support, opposition parties like Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party, CPI(M) had also alleged that EVMs are vulnerable to tampering.

The poll panel denied all the allegations but today, Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi announced in a meeting, “Although use of VVPAT (voter verifiable paper audit trail system) with EVMs will ensure total credibility and transparency and put to rest all controversy, the commission will, after today’s meeting, hold a challenge.”.

Zaidi also said that the Election Commission has no favourites and they maintain equidistance from all 56 political parties and groups. He also said that it is the moral duty of EC to stand at the dead centre drawn by all political parties. The introduction of VVPAT will enable the voters to verify their vote on the spot. When any voter will cast a vote in the EVM, a paper slip with the serial number of the voter and the symbol which will indicate the vote casted by the individual will be generated in the VVPAT machine. This slip will be visible through a transparent window in the machine so that the voter can verify their vote. These paper trail ballets will be stored in the machine for tallying the results of EVM.

Expect a new machine next to the EVM which will provide instant feedback for on spot verification of your vote, in your next election which will ensure transparent and credible election system for unbiased governance results in India.