The American e-commerce giant – Amazon has just filed a patent for a futuristic goods storage and delivery using an underwater warehouse facility!

Workers and robots will no longer have to roam miles to fulfill customers’ orders with Amazon’s new water technology. The e-commerce giant is known for bringing up innovative and futuristic methods of delivering goods including the use of drones to fly products to customers. Amazon’s ascent into aerial autonomous aeries with a vertical drone garage can then be used to collect packages after they have reached the water’s surface from the aquatic warehouse.

The Aquatic Storage Facility would hold items in what is essentially an anti-gravity environment and each package will be stored in waterproof containers including books and electronics. Amazon says that this will remove the usage of traditional warehouses and need for shelves or for warehouse workers or robots to walk from one station to another. Each box would have its own balloon, which, when activated by a sonic signal, would help the package float to the top of the holding pool. On activation of the sonic/acoustic signal, the air canister in the baloon will in package will inflate a balloon and the package will float up on water surface, where it will be fished out and put on a truck ready for delivery.

While this may seem bizarre and unreal to most of us for now, but Amazon has an obvious interest in coming up with innovative ways to effectively store, organise and transfer extremely heavy packages in its massive warehouses. The underwater delivery system, if adopted, would revolutionize the way goods and packages are stored and delivered. There are endless benefits if the underwater system like – cost efficient, saves storage space, distance won’t matter and it’s just cool don’t you think?