Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing as it is already helping doctors, athletes and developers, but now, we are about to see some oh-so-chic AI algorithms which will define new fashion trends and designs for us. Ditch all those expensive designers, Amazon AI algo-designers are coming.

Fashion designers, ah some of them are uptight, right? But the fashion pieces they make. To rescue us with this situation, Amazon is hardly working on developing an Artificial Intelligence system with several machine-learning systems which could help us in providing fashion trends and designs! Now, Amazon, the ecommerce juggernaut itself isn’t a ‘luxury fashion’ designer but it knows well how to get the work done with technology – have you looked at Alexa? She’s pretty damn cool, I’d prefer her over Siri. So with its technologically skilled researchers, Amazon is building fashion designer AI algorithms.

The purpose of this project is certainly not replacing ‘fashion designer’ but it is rather helping companies to improve the tracking of trends in trends, making recommendations based on products popping up on social media and ultimately expanding their businesses in fashion. These algos will help Amazon and other such companies to understand fashion trends and that how fashion is developed – in a better, more efficient way.

The researchers are basically gathering images of some designs and reproducing similar, but new designs – hence creating new fashion pieces which are in trend. The algorithm is called Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), which is a subset of Artificial Intelligence used in machine learning and is developed by MIT Tech reports. The algorithm will be able to spot, react to and perhaps even shape new fashion trends, and who knows if the next dress you may buy would be designed by an algorithm! That would be pretty cool, because AI is still pretty honest and wouldn’t make phoney compliments.

This is yet another push from Amazon to bolster its apparel business after it developed its own clothing brands, invested in high-quality photography for products, and launching Prime Wardrobe, which lets customers try on clothes before buying them. But we must say, an algorithmic approach for fashion designing – that is a high-bid-so-out-of-box approach to take their business at a whole new level. So, would you buy a dress designed by an algorithm? I surely would.