As per a survey conducted in United States, most of the Americans said that they preferred diplomacy with North Korea rather than rivalry, although most of them were not able to spot North Korea in the world map, one thing is sure that they prefer peace over chaos.

Kyle Drop of Morning Consult conducted an experiment from April 27-29 to see how many Americans know where North Korea is in the world map and that what is their thought about the relations with the rival nation. The survey shows that respondents who were able to correctly identify the location of North Korea tend to view diplomatic and non-military strategies with the country. When asked about what kind of strategies to be implemented with the country, they suggested imposing further economic sanctions, increasing pressure on China to influence North Korea and conducting cyberattacks against military targets in North Korea rather than military attacks, which is a ‘comparatively’ wiser and sensible approach.

But the ludicrous fact found about the survey was that of 1746 adults, only 36% people were able to locate North Korea correctly! Americans’ inability to identify countries and places is not new, they are known to be feeble in terms of geography and general knowledge. And the more noteworthy finding was that the people who could locate the country preferred diplomatic approach whereas those who spotted the country wrong preferred rather military approach with North Korea.

So what is the reason for such diversification among the Americans? One reason could be that the Republicans were more likely to correctly locate North Korea on the map than Democrats and the Republicans favour diplomacy solutions. Another major reason, according to geographers is that spatial geographic illiteracy can leave citizens to think without a framework of foreign policies and are likely to fall for misleading public representations about international matters.

Another major factor was education, those who hold the post graduation degrees had the most success among all groups and even the participants aging 65 or more got the location correct. So basically, the sane citizens of United Stated of America prefer peace and diplomatic policies with North Korea rather than bloodshed tactics. They also viewed direct military engagement – in particular, sending ground troops much less favourably than those who failed to locate North Korea. Peace out says the sane America!