A three-year-old real Nubian goat named Lincoln was elected as the mayor of a small American town named Fair Haven. The mayor goat of a population of 2500 humans will now spend the one-year-term making public appearance. Perhaps, she will not be available for any comments in the meantime.

In the times of extreme political divide in American democratic system, a small town located in Vermont with a population no 2500 took the “animal route” to serve a bit of lesson in democracy, and elected a real goat as its mayor. The Fair Haven mayor polls held on Tuesday had 15 off-beat candidates including Lincoln – the goat, Crystal – the gerbil, Sammie – the dog and many other cats and dogs. However, the 13 votes that Lincoln bagged were enough to squeak past Sammie and win the election to become the mayor of Fair Haven for next one year.

The mayor goat belongs to a school math teacher, and will now be up for quite a lot of public appearances in the town’s festivals including – Memorial Day parade, the Apple Fest and the events that are organized every Friday in the summer. But besides the major public appearances, no speeches are expected from the just-elected mayor. Although the town has no official mayor, the polls were held by Town Manager, Joseph Gunter as an inspiration from the village of Omena, Michigan which elected Sweet Tart the cat its “top” official.

Besides giving out a political satirical message, the secondary purpose for organising animal elections was to raise funds for building a playground in the town. With 15 candidates, a total of 53 voters and a candidacy fee of just $5, the playground fundraiser reached to just $100. But Gunter says that, “it was the first time, we expect it to be better next year”.